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Reviewer’s Eye View

Multi-published author and respected book reviewer Serena Chase provides developmental editing and manuscript critique services primarily for works of YA fiction, contemporary romance, and YA fantasy fiction.  She also offers marketing copy critique services and assists authors in the creation of sales copy and promotional materials to entice readers to purchase by engaging them in the story before the first page is read.


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Menu of Manuscript Critique Services & Rates

Please note: Reviewer’s Eye View does not provide copyediting or proofreading services.

Developmental Edit with Extensive Evaluation: $0.015/word

The Developmental Edit with Extensive Evaluation is an exhaustive critique providing comments and suggestions within the manuscript document as well as a detailed 6-12 page categorical evaluation of the manuscript concerning issues of structure, pacing, clarity, consistency, setting, character development, dialogue, worldbuilding, emotion, and reader engagement. The Developmental Edit with Extensive Evaluation includes an optional telephone or online chat session of up to 60 minutes to discuss problematic issues discovered during the critique and to brainstorm solutions to those problems. The Developmental Edit with Extensive Evaluation is appropriate for a manuscript’s first draft and beyond.


Developmental Edit $0.01/word

The Developmental Edit is designed for novels that have undergone at least one developmental/substantive/content edit elsewhere or from Reviewer’s Eye View and for experienced published authors seeking a singular developmental edit for their story. The Developmental Edit provides comments and suggestions in the manuscript document identifying issues of structure, pacing, clarity, consistency, setting, character development, dialogue, worldbuilding, emotion, and reader engagement. The Developmental Edit does not include a separate detailed and categorized evaluation of the manuscript; however, it does include an optional telephone or online chat session of up to 30 minutes to discuss problems/issues mentioned in the manuscript comments and to brainstorm possible solutions.

The Critique Service Provider, at her discretion, may request the first twelve pages of a manuscript in advance to evaluate whether or not the work will benefit from a Developmental Edit or if the more in-depth Developmental Edit with Extensive Evaluation is more appropriate for that particular manuscript.


Reviewer’s Eye Read-through Evaluation: $0.001/word

This “final stop” critique is primarily for the purpose of evaluating whether your story is—or is not— fully developed and ready to be copyedited, proofed, and published. Your manuscript will be critically read, in full, and you will be provided a one-page “review style” critique concentrating on the story’s strengths and weaknesses. That critique will include the evaluator’s justification as to why your story is—or is not—ready to move on to those final steps. This evaluation is intended for works which have already benefited from one of R.E.V.’s Developmental Editing services or from professional developmental or substantive editorial services obtained elsewhere, and/or for manuscripts crafted by experienced/advanced authors.


Pricing examples for a 70,000 word manuscript for each offered service:

Developmental Edit with Extensive Evaluation: 70K words x $0.015/word = $1050.00

Developmental Edit: 70K words x $0.01/word = $700

Reviewer’s Eye Read-through Evaluation:  70K words x $0.001/word = $70

Menu of Marketing Services & Rates

Back Cover Copy (a.k.a. “Book Description”)

Quotes and soundbites from Serena Chase’s book reviews grace dozens of bestselling book covers and often appear in the front matter and/or promotional materials for upcoming releases.  Now you can harness Serena’s copy-crafting moxie by hiring her to create taglines, back cover copy, and other promotional/sales copy that will entice readers to buy your book and/or editors to request a full manuscript.

Back Cover Copy Critique & Revision: $15/hour ($60 max.)

This service is for authors who have an existing draft of back cover copy/book description for their novel or novella, but either it’s too long, too short, has too many spoilers, or. . .  it simply needs HELP. Using track changes and margin comments to point out areas for improvement, Serena shows you what’s not working in your back cover copy/book description and then revises it, providing you with a spiffy, new & improved version. Once you receive that first draft, you may suggest one round of changes before receiving the final draft. Send your existing book description, word count requirements, and project deadline date to for an individual project estimate, not to exceed $60.

Back Cover Copy Creation: $100 (+ $10/hour synopsis or manuscript reading fee, if deemed necessary by client and/or provider)

This service is for authors who HATE writing back cover copy and want someone else to do it, period. Contact to request our Back Cover Copy/Book Description Form.  NOTE: A 25% deposit will be invoiced when the form is sent to the client, with another 25% due when the form is completed by the client and returned to Reviewer’s Eye View. The remaining 50% balance is due within 48 hours of receiving the final draft of the back cover copy/book description that has been created for your fiction project. The form *should* provide all the information Serena needs to craft your back cover copy or book description, but she may email additional questions, if necessary. If you require Serena to read your manuscript (or synopsis) prior to creating your back cover copy, there will be a $10/hour reading fee, not to exceed $100.)

Tagline Creation: $25 ($15 when added to any of the above services)

A tagline may only be a few words, but that snappy bit of verbiage can add extra oomph to your book cover and set the tone for the rest of your marketing materials. Let Serena Chase help you craft a tagline that expresses the tension points of your novel at a glance and excites readers toward its purchase.



Manuscript Critique Services

“Serena Chase is an author’s secret weapon. Having read and reviewed hundreds of books, she knows what works and what does not; as an author, she can suggest ways to address those content concerns. Her critiques are both kind and honest. She’ll enthusiastically tell you what caught and held her attention, but won’t hold back on letting you know what needs to be adjusted to keep your reader clear through till the final page. Serena always finds ways to make the romance more engaging, the plot clearer, and the characters memorable and true to life.” ~Sandra Byrd, multi-best-selling and award-winning author

“I was impressed with Serena’s level of attention to detail, and I appreciated her insightful suggestions that strengthened my plot and characters. She got to the heart of my story and brought things to my attention I might have otherwise overlooked. If you have been searching for an astute critiquer, Serena is the one to choose!” ~Heather Day Gilbert, author of Amazon Norse bestseller God’s Daughter and of the Indie Publishing Handbook

“Serena Chase was first an author I admired, second a friend, and now my secret weapon. Through her detailed and honest critique, I have been able to fix areas of my novel I would never have known were problems. She gave me pointers how to improve my character likeability, fill plot holes, and dig deeper into the point of view. I would highly recommend using Serena to critique your novel. Her insight is worth every. single. penny.” ~Crystal Ferry, Extensive Evaluation client

“She is an amazing editor, she gets my writing voice.” ~Suzy Parish, author of the recently contracted Flowers from Afghanistan (Extensive Evaluation client, back cover copy creation client, tagline client)

Marketing & Sales Copy Services

“Serena’s copywriting skills are second to none. I’ve never encountered anyone, in more than two decades in the publishing industry, who can craft book sales copy better than Serena Chase. Working together, she will help you shape every sentence and phrase into those that will turn casual browsers into dedicated buyers and readers. You have so few words to win the attention of a potential reader—make every one of them count.” ~Sandra Byrd, multi-best-selling and award-winning author

 Reviewer’s Eye View (a critique service of Candent Gate LLC) and Serena Chase reserve the right to cancel or refuse any critique or marketing copy service. If a service is refused or canceled by Reviewer’s Eye View, all monies paid will be refunded within 7 days of cancellation. Reviewer’s Eye View does not critique Erotica or books/marketing copy with explicit sexual content.