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intermission_fcJoin my “Stage Crew” and help spread the love for INTERMISSION, a contemporary coming-of-age YA romance releasing 11/15/2016

There are several people behind-the-scenes with me, acting as “Official Stage Crew Managers” to help promote this new novel’s release, but anyone can join my Stage Crew by grabbing some of the promotional graphics (coming soon!) or you can copy/paste “tweetlings” (below) to sharing with your online friends and followers. Thanks for your help!

Today’s Copy & Paste Tweetlings for Intermission:

updated 11/2 (tweet the following message with the 11/02/2016 image, farther down the page)

If you love join the Photo Challenge on Instagram! Tag  @

updated 10/26

Like #musicaltheatre? Up for a November Photo Challenge? It’s on! Instagram #PicThatShowTuneChallenge #intermission

10/24/16 (you can use this tweet with one of the “dedication” images, farther down this page

@Serena_Chase dedicates new #yalit contemporary coming-of-age #romance to aspiring creatives #musicaltheatre

10/12/2016 (you can use the square creek scene quote, below, with this tweetling. Thanks!)

 “I only get one shot at being young, and I don’t want to waste it being afraid.” from INTERMISSION preorder:

10/6/2016 (You can use the square lavender blurb image below with this tweetling. Thanks!)

New #yalit contemporary #musicaltheatre romance INTERMISSION is available for @AmazonKindle preorder! #teenreads


Cover Reveal! INTERMISSION by @Serena_Chase releases 11/15 #musicaltheatre #yalit #romance

Featured Images for your Tumblr, Instagram, & beyond:


updated: 11/02/16











































10/24/16 (2 images)
































































curl into pain image square

curl into pain image square







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Today’s Copy & Paste Tweetlings:

updated 9/30/2015 (tweetling below is suitable for use with the 2-book 99cent image, further down the page)

Destiny sails a dangerous tide. THE SEAHORSE LEGACY for $0.99

updated 9/29/2015 (following tweetling can be used with the “available now” square)

Clever Pirates. Reluctant Romance. Epic Fantasy. THE SUNKEN REALM available NOW

(can be used with the release-date square image, found further down the page)

TheSunkenRealm pubs TMRW! Today,the 1st half of this epic pirate is $0.99!!

updated 9/27/15 — for use with the featured image, down the page

Counting down to Wednesday! Pirates. Romance. Adventure. Are you ready to enter ???

updated 9/25/2015 (feel free to add one of the images from below to your tweets!)

Destiny sails a dangerous tide…& the sea shall claim its own THE SUNKEN REALM coming 9/30 (This tweetling is the perfect size for use with the release date square image, below)

updated 9-17-2015 (the Tweetling directly below can have one of the featured images for the giveaway attached)

*1 DAY ONLY!* Saturday 9/19 Watch Twitter for links!

updated 9-14-2015

Join the Seahorse Pirate Crew &help ready the world to enter


Crew up &you could enter early w/a on 1 day only: 9/19/15

Updated 9-8-2015

Cover reveal +exclusive excerpt! THE SUNKEN REALM by via


Featured Images for your Tumblr, Instagram, & beyond:

updated 9-30-2015

TSL 99cent plus TSR square

TSL 99cent square

updated 9-29-2015

Kindle Release Square TSR

updated 9-25-2015

TSR Official Release Square


Other Featured Images:

(updated regularly. If the image is for a specific promotion, it will have an expiration date listed.  Feel free to use any of the unexpired images below–and thanks for being a part of the Seahorse Pirate Crew!)

4 book FB header



snow rose promo pic THE RYN


Cazien quote Meme

sail rigging with text jpeg




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