Lost at Sea Scavenger Hunt Stop #18

Lost at Sea Scavenger Hunt Stop #18

Welcome to the Lost At Sea Scavenger Hunt where we are helping the Kinsman people find a new home. If you’ve just found us, be sure to start the adventure at Stop #1, which is Jill Williamson’s blog. 

Collect all the clue words in order so you can enter to win the Kindle. If you want to enter to win the second Kindle, you’ll have to take a quiz at the end, so take your time and read each post carefully. The main prizes in the hunt are open to international entries. Individual author contests, however, might have different rules, so please read the parameters on each site. You have until Sunday night, February 19, at midnight, Pacific time to finish.

If you need help, or get lost along the way, click here for assistance.

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Word City was too wild a place to build a new city, so Wilek, Trevn, and their party went down to the docks where they caught a ride in Stop #18, the pirate ship Meredith, from Serena Chase’s novel The Seahorse Legacy, the third volume in the Eyes of E’veria series.

Official Author Photo Serena Chase 2015Serena Chase lives in Iowa with her husband, two daughters, and a white goldendoodle named Albus. She is the author of the Eyes of E’veria series (fairy tales, reimagined and mashed-up as epic fantasy adventures) and of Intermission, a contemporary YA coming-of-age romance. Visit serenachase.com to sign up for her newsletter, purchase signed copies of her books and posters, and/or join her crew (street team)

Here’s a closer look at The Seahorse Legacy, the third book in the Eyes of E’veria series:

As Keeper of the Seahorse Legacy, Cazien de Pollis is a King among pirates, divinely appointed to dispense justice on the seas. Bound by the sacred oath of a long-dead ancestor, he must fulfill a contract to wed the green-eyed Oracle’s Daughter named therein—or risk losing everything he and his people hold dear. But at nineteen, with the identity of his betrothed only recently revealed, Cazien resents the contract—and the urgency within him to see it satisfied.

The Seahorse Legacy Kindle Cover FinalErielle de Gladiel returned from the quest for the Remedy, changed. Not only are her formerly-blue eyes now a brilliant shade of green, but she must don gloves to hide inky evidence that her prophetically-bestowed title, the Oracle’s Daughter, demands more from her than the task already completed. Erielle’s dearest-held dream is realized when she is knighted by her King, but unbeknownst to her, that very honor jeopardizes the prophesied purpose to which she and Cazien have been called.

Just as Cazien summons the courage to collect his bride, dark rumors and darker deeds crawl up the coasts, calling its guardians, the Seahorse Pirates, into action—and Cazien away from Erielle. But even though the Oracle’s Daughter knows nothing of the contract to which she has been consigned, Cazien’s enemies have somehow learned of his interest in Erielle. And if they reach her before his ancestor’s weighty oath is executed, the Seahorse Legacy will be forfeited . . . and darkness will be given reign.

The third book in this series-within-a-series, The Seahorse Legacy begins an epic tale of piracy, adventure, and romance. Giving subtle nods to several fairy tales, including an unexpected twist to the story of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, this romantic adventure concludes in Eyes of E’veria, Book 4: The Sunken Realm, available now.

How Certain Pirates Became the Good Guys (um… sort of) in E’veria

I first met Captain Cazien de Pollis within the pages of an early draft of my debut novel The Ryn (Eyes of E’veria, book 1), which later was divided into two books: The Ryn and The Remedy. In that early draft, Cazien was a smooth-talking villain and an enemy of the story’s heroine, Princess Rynnaia. As is often the case with silver-tongued bad boys, however, Cazien captured my imagination. (What can I say? It was true in high school and it’s still true today… though thankfully reserved for fictional bad boys now, which is much easier on the heart!)

As I continued revising The Ryn and The Remedy, Cazien refused to leave me alone. Eventually, I discovered that while he was most definitely a pirate, he operated under a Robin Hood-esque creed. Hmm… fun! Once that detail was firmly established in my head (and on the page), young Captain Cazien became a valuable ally to Princess Rynnaia… and a delightfully irksome presence to her noble protector, Sir Julien de Gladiel. The more I fleshed out Cazien’s character, the more I adored that rascal and his heart of (somewhat tarnished) gold.

By the last several rewrites of The Ryn, Cazien–as well as the rest of the Seahorse Pirates and their flagship Meredith–had gained a legendary history rife with centuries of fearsome notoriety.  There was nothing for it but to upgrade my seaward bad-boy-who’s-a-good-man to Main Character Status for the next epic, 2-book Eyes of E’veria adventure… and that’s exactly what I did in book 3, The Seahorse Legacy.

You can order The Seahorse Legacy in ebook or paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or order signed paperback copies of any/all of my books from my store!

CLUE! Write down this clue: his name.

Would you like to meet Captain Cazien de Pollis?

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Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy the rest of the scavenger hunt!

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137 thoughts on “Lost at Sea Scavenger Hunt Stop #18

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  2. I love the name, “Cazien de Pollis.” It’s charming, like your character. I’ve read the first book in your series, and he became an instant favorite of mine.

    If I were lost at sea I should like to be rescued by Cazien. I feel like I could count on him, and his ship is a most sea-worthy vessel. 🙂

    1. Indeed, Percy would be handy to have along on the sea, since he and water are serious BUDS. I’m sadly behind on my Riordan reading… but my daughters have kept up, so at least the books are on hand. 🙂 Thanks for joining the hunt, Lily!

    1. McGyver is awesome. I loved watching that show as a kid! What that guy could do with a paperclip, a piece of chewing gum, and some duct tape was amazing. Thanks for joining the hunt, Mary!

    1. Either would do well, I think. (Although Katniss would probably only help if someone she loved was at risk… while Four would help because it was the right thing to do, imo. 😉
      Thanks for joining the hunt, Joanna!

  3. What character would I be rescued by? Finrod Felagund, from the Silmarillion. He’s kind and brave and honest, one of the few such characters from the Silmarillion.

    1. The Silmarillion has been mentioned several times (I haven’t read it yet, but y’all are making me want to!) but I think this is the first I’ve heard of Finrod Felagund (I adore that name, by the way. It’s that kind of name where you almost know what he looks like, simply by saying those syllables.)
      Thanks for joining the hunt, T!

  4. I have no idea who would rescue me! Perhaps Rhiannon Tarn, a character of my own, an unlikely captain with a warm heart and good sense of humor.

  5. Your books sound awesome! I’m excited to check them out. Thanks for being part of the hunt and helping to lengthen my no-longer-frightfully-short list of Next Adventure Books to Read!

    Hmmm, How to pick just one rescuer in a world of amazing heroes?! Because I’m lost at sea, I would want Dory (Finding Nemo) to come and save me. She’s brave and loyal, has plenty of humor to keep us entertained, and best of all, She’d forget that she’s rescuing me, and we’d probably have to wait for EVEN MORE amazing fictional characters to come meet us in our demise!

  6. Yikes…this is a hard one! But the first person who came to mind is Will Turner (whom I maaaay be mildly obsessed with ;D) so I’ll go with that. Although I wouldn’t complain if Legolas or Flynn Rider swooped in to save the day. 😉

  7. At this moment I’d choose Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean. It would probably change if you asked me again in a month.

    1. Will is a good choice. He *almost* always does the right thing, but also the brave thing, and with only a tiny touch of (necessary-for-a-pirate) arrogance… and only toward certain foes.
      Thanks for joining the hunt, Caroline!

  8. I want Bard Eanrin to rescue me. 😀 And then I can convince him to take me on a detour through the Wood on the way home.

    I still need to read The Seahorse Legacy . . . hopefully I can get my hands on it soon.

  9. Well, IDK about the rescuing bit, but if I had to choose a character, it would probably be a gang of charries from a friend’s serial story about an amnesiac villain. I really wanna see them pull a dungeon rescue.

    1. Han Solo-esque… hmm… perhaps a bit. I’ve never thought about it before, but… yeah. I can kinda see it. Although… whereas Han is conservative with his dialogue, Cazien does not know the meaning of verbal conservation. Ha! But like Han, he is a clever pirate with a great ship. Thanks for joining the hunt, Jacob!

  10. I love this question, but I am stumped. Haha. How about Aragorn? And Legolas. Yes. Or wait, how about Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner? They are from movies though, and not books. But they would be a fun rescue team.

  11. This looks awesome! I can’t wait to read this series!

    Let’s see, if I were lost at sea…I think I would want Wesley from The Princess Bride to be my rescuer. The man gets tortured within an inch of his life and still manages to save the princess.

    1. Excellent choice of a rescuer. I would prefer Westley in his Dread Pirate Roberts persona over Farm Boy, though. 😉 And he’d make an even better rescue if you have a holocaust cloak and a wheelbarrow on board… heh-heh. Thanks for joining the hunt, Jessica!

  12. The idea of Wilek and Trevn and co. hitching a ride on the Meredith MAKES ME SO HAPPY! XD

    I loved this post — so fun! “his heart of (somewhat tarnished) gold” <– This. 😉 Cazien is the best!! 😀 (Thanks for the awesome giveaway too!) I so enjoyed this stop on the hunt! 🙂

    Hmm, for a rescuer… I'd want Eliot Spencer from the TV show Leverage (he always wins in a fight, and he's just awesome and makes a person feel safe) or maybe Chrestomanci from Diana Wynne Jones books if there was any kind of magical trouble. Of course, Cazien would be a good choice since it's at sea so he'd know all about that… 😉

    1. ELIOT SPENCER! I love Leverage. I wish it was still on! I’ve heard of Diana Wynne Jones, but I don’t know Chrestomanci, so I’m gonna have to look that one up! (And Cazien would also be a great choice.) Thanks for joining the hunt, Deborah!

  13. I have to choose one??? Uuuuuuuuuh…. How about Earendil from the Silmarillion. He knew how to sail, he was an elf, and I always thought he seemed like a nice guy. I’d be a very happy elf-loving rescued maiden. 🙂

  14. Lost at sea… probably Captain Jack Sparrow. xD He may not be a very upright individual, but he knows the ocean and he seems to survive just about anything.

  15. I would hope Kal from the Dragonspell series by Donita K Paul, along with her dragons and friends would come and rescue me!

  16. My first thought was Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. Love the sound of your books. So glad I “found” you on this scavenger hunt! =)

  17. If I were lost at sea I would want Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean to rescue me. Then I’d like to sail the seven seas with his creepy crew.

  18. For me to not feel awkward being rescued by a guy, they’d either have to be young or very withdrawn. So I’m going to pick someone who wouldn’t not make the list of peoples favourite heroes. Tyler Arden from Lady Dragon, Tel Du. He’s already completely devoted to one girl, so I needn’t worry about him paying me any attention. And he is practical.
    Or I could pick my own character Luca Mondo.

    1. As an author, I’d say my own characters rescue me a LOT. 🙂
      But any fictional character would do, it doesn’t have to be a guy. Me… I’d like to be rescued by a female pirate named Destria, who first appears in a little (okay, ginormous) book called The Sunken Realm because she is FUN. 😉
      Thanks for joining the hunt!

  19. I don’t know. I have so many favorite characters. Merlin from the TV series Merlin would be nice, since he could propel my boat with magic (I’m assuming I’m lost at sea on a stranded boat). However, Eugene (Flynn Rider) from Tangled could come sailing by though he’s got Rapunzel, so there goes that. Drat, all the good men are taken

  20. Wow, I honestly don’t know who I’d like to be my rescuer. There are some very heroic and dashing young heroes out there!

    Thanks for doing this!

  21. Um … Cazien? Never mind, he already belongs to a certain lovely young lady. 😀

    I’d like Kaden from Jaye L. Knight’s Ilyon Chronicles to be my rescuer. 😉 I guess he needs to go on a sea voyage and find me, haha! 🙂

  22. I would love Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to come save me. It would be SO magical. Then I would go live in Neverland forever!

  23. Hmm… yup. I’m going to need to read The Ryn. Can’t pass up a chaotic-good (ish?) pirate captain.

    It’s definitely a lesser known book, but if I needed a rescuer, I’d want it to be Sangris from The Girl with Borrowed Wings.

    1. I hope you enjoy THE RYN! I had to look up THE GIRL WITH THE BORROWED WINGS (by Rinsai Rosetti)… but it sounds fantastic! Consider it added to my TBR based on the book’s description (and your endorsement!)
      From the Amazon description:
      A stunningly written tale of an isolated girl and the shape-shifting boy who shows her what freedom could be–if only she has the courage to take it.

      Controlled by her father and bound by desert, Frenenqer Paje’s life is tediously the same, until a small act of rebellion explodes her world and she meets a boy, but not just a boy–a Free person, a winged person, a shape-shifter. He has everything Frenenqer doesn’t. No family, no attachments, no rules. At night, he flies them to the far-flung places of their childhoods to retrace their pasts. But when the delicate balance of their friendship threatens to rupture into something more, Frenenqer must confront her isolation, her father, and her very sense of identity, breaking all the rules of her life to become free.

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