Enter the Eyes of E’veria FanFic FlashFic Contest!

Enter the Eyes of E’veria FanFic FlashFic Contest!

cropped-cropped-THE-RYN-messing-around-w-ideas-014.jpgAre you a fan of the Eyes of E’veria series? Do you have an active imagination? Do you like to write?

Why not write about some of the people you’ve met while visiting E’veria?cropped-cropped-THE-RYN-messing-around-w-ideas-014.jpg

Enter the Eyes of E’veria FanFic FlashFic Contest!



Here’s more about it:

The winning Eyes of E’veria Fanfic FlashFic Contest story will appear in a special edition of this newsletter, date TBD.

Additionally, the winner will receive the following:

*signed copies of all 4 Eyes of E’veria full-length novels

*a series poster

*Seahorse Pirate temporary tattoos

*a $10 Amazon gift card,

*a gift certificate (transferable, if desired) for a detailed critique of up to 30 pages (double-spaced, 12 pt font) of the winner’s original fiction manuscript project from Serena Chase and Reviewer’s Eye View Critique Service.

fanfic-flashfic-1TO ENTER:
1. Characters: Choose one or more characters from the Eyes of E’veria series world

2. Setting: Transport that/those characters out of the world of Eyes of E’veria (by whatever means you choose) and bring them into our mode
rn world

3. Give them a flash-fiction story. Plot and style are up to you, but please keep the content  at least PG-13 clean

4. WRITE. Your story can be dramatic, humorous, adventurous, or pensive, but it cannot exceed 1500 words

5. ENTER: Send entries to: serena(at)serenachase(dot)com with the subject line: Fanfic Flashfic ~ All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. on November 15, 2016. Contest open internationally, valid only where allowed by law.

THE FINE PRINT: Submission of creative work implies agreement to have the specifically entered work of flash fiction published in the Serena Chase newsletter with no compensation other than the prize pack listed. The flash fiction author/entrant retains all copyright to their original, creative work. Permission for use of characters and details from the Eyes of E’veria series world is granted for limited use within the scope and parameters of this contest by author Serena Chase, publisher Candent Gate LLC, and the copyright owner.


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