This week’s inspiration playlist

When I’m doing the actual business of writing and editing, I don’t often listen to anything but instrumental movie soundtracks, lest I find myself typing in the lyrics wafting through the air about me rather than the words my characters are really supposed to be saying.  When smack-dab in the middle of a project, especially creating that all-important FIRST DRAFT, I am rather . . .  tunnel-visioned, a bit narcissitic, entirely obsessed, and … I daydream a lot when I should be tending to other things. Like making dinner. Or driving.

During those intense writing times, though I often wish otherwise, there are, in fact, times I cannot be writing. *no!* It is then that I listen to music with vocals and lyrics that reflect what is going on (or what I want to be going on soon!) in my work-in-progress. To that end, I usually burn a couple of inspiration CDs to listen to in my car. I have 4 for this current project. Two have been scratched beyond repair and had to be tossed, one has an odd thumping noise in the background, but I still listen to it and the one remaining, unsoiled music mix.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating too much if I said I have listened those CDs raw these past few months of writing Book 3 of the Eyes of E’veria series. I have. My kids are SICK-SICK-SICK of them. And honestly, I’m sort of understanding it. Among the one or two songs in my two 20-song “mix CDs” that can still move me to tears after countless plays, many have become instant skippers. So… I’ve decided to change it up a bit, find some new music that speaks to what is going on in my characters’ hearts, minds, and lives.

And I’ll probably be burning a new CD or 3 pretty soon. Feel free to pity my children.


This week, I rediscovered JJ Heller and have been listening to her songs, IF I FALL, CREATE IN ME, and BETTER THINGS. In addition to JJ, I’m listening to some tunes from the album MUSIC FROM THE STORY as well as a little CELTIC WOMEN and some FOR KING AND COUNTRY.

Unfortunately, the most regular soundtrack I’m hearing lately is that of my dog, who seems quite opposed to me doing anything but giving him 100% of my attention, 100% of the time he’s awake. (Dude. Nap. Please!) And, since he is at it again, and it is almost 9pm, I should probably toss his ball a few times for him and see if I can remember my kids’ faces. (Okay, it’s not that bad. Most days.) 😉

Stay tuned for some exciting EYES OF E’VERIA series news and contests coming this fall… and I’ll reveal more playlists as they come into play while I finish this draft of Book 3 and begin the first big rewrite in October!

Until then, chase on!

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