It’s 6am on Palm Sunday morning and it’s snowing. What’s that about? And what’s this about me already up and having been on the computer for 40 min at 6am on a Sunday morning?

Well… this is happening a lot, lately. So much to do to get ready for the book release that once I wake up, there is no hope of going back to sleep. So, while my family enjoys their zzzzzs, I shut the door to my office, turn on the laptop, and get to work.

But it’s Palm Sunday — and I have a heart that needs to be prepared to absorb the absolute largeness of what we Christians will celebrate over the next week. And that largeness is so much bigger than any book release, any to-do list, any self-important busywork. Today I’m going to think on that word “prepare” and try to apply it to my heart, in response to the gift of Christ’s crucifixion (and resurrection!), with, I hope, greater emphasis than that which I put on my to-do list…

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